In Australia, female athletes earn almost $25,000 less
per year than male athletes.

Media coverage of men’s sports typically dominates air time and social media on a global scale.

This results in less investment and sponsorhip opportunities for female athletes,
which further diminishes performance levels and adversely affects the sustainability of women’s sport.

It is this cycle that reinforces sexist attitudes towards women’s capabilities as athletes.

Below Surface follows longboard surfer Lucy Small as she grasps the baton from the renegades who fought for
equal opportunity in the world of surfing decades before her.

After winning a surf competition in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2021, and receiving a prize of less than half the male division’s award, Lucy courageously called out the event organisers on stage for their blatant misogyny.
The incident went viral and catapulted Lucy into a world of accidental fame.

As she found her feet amidst this media maelstrom of newfound attention, Lucy came to a crucial realisation -
if she’s taking the podium, she better have something worthwhile to say.

But can she say it loud enough in order to make a difference?